Wellness at Atkinson Law

A unique service available to all Atkinson Law clients, helping them
navigate stressful times and deal with the challenges of modern living.
Yoga & Meditation are the foundations of our wellness program designed
to help clients achieve balance in their lives.

We assess every individual circumstances and meet our clients where they are, offering a program to meet specific needs.While our expert team handles legal cases, we provide tools to encourage optimal mental and physical health.

We provide ongoing support through private sessions done on site or via Skype.
Our monthly Mindfulness open sessions are an opportunity for clients to sample the program and meet our team. (will take place at the new Jane St. office, first Tuesday of every month, 6:30-7:30pm).

Increased clarity, focus, productivity and effectiveness are just a few of the benefits. Most importantly, our program helps clients feel calmer, grounded, able to nourish personal relationships and enjoy an overall sense of ease & wellbeing.

Contact us now to book your first wellness appointment.