Toronto, OntarioBusiness Law

At Atkinson Law, we provide an expansive range of business law services designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs establish, develop and profit from their ventures.

Our firm offers a unique blend of business background and legal approach when dealing with all of your company’s transactional and litigation needs, both simple and complex.
We can offer our support at any stage of the business development process, providing advice in matters involving business formation, financing, contracts, real estate and other important concerns. As your company grows and develops, we can continue to contribute to the success of your business with practical advice and cost-effective services.

From structuring your business to preparing your internal operating agreements and shareholder plans, to implementing legal protection in your service contracts, we’re here to help strengthen your business now, and in the future.

Establishing / Acquiring a Business
At Atkinson Law, we understand that establishing a business requires careful consideration of your industry objectives, as well as financing arrangements and other issues. Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of industry sectors, and you can benefit from our knowledge.

Some of the many services we can provide include:
Share purchase and sale transactions
Asset acquisitions and dispositions
Corporate governance matters
Advice on business structures
Buyout transactions
Counsel to corporate directors, officers and boards
Dispute resolution
Drafting a shareholder or partnership agreement
Advising on business financing issues
Ongoing advice in matters involving contracts, leases and other operational issues

Business Acquisition Lawyers

By acquiring an existing business you may be able to avoid some of the challenges of a startup, however, there may be some potential risks. Our firm can review the business purchase contract, conduct due diligence and provide other advice outlining potential problems, as well as possible hidden opportunities.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder and partnership agreements are equally as significant as your operating agreement. They will function in accordance with all other business formation agreements such as those pertaining to your management structure, governance, financing, employment and general business plan. At Atkinson Law, we strive to customize your agreements to reassure the best opportunities for your business to thrive.

Every business and personal relationship is different, and each impact business agreements uniquely. At Atkinson Law, we sculpt customized agreements for our clients' private businesses of all sizes and industries, as we understand the need to produce a contract that it tailored specifically for your business.
It is important that we advise our clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area on making plans for resolving disputes ahead of time and working them into shareholder and partnership agreements.

Financing for Business Formation and Expansion
Finding suitable financing is one of the most challenging obstacles any business person must overcome. The ongoing need to produce working capital increases as businesses grow.

At Atkinson Law, we help entrepreneurs obtain financing for their enterprises. Our firm helps operating businesses locate growth capital. We readily advise both investors and lenders considering investment opportunities on both sides of dealings. Our goal is to promote advantageous business enterprises while protecting the rights and interests of our clients.

When we are advising an entrepreneur or business owner, our work starts with a complete review of the enterprise's business plan, finances, and other relevant information. We can review lending documents regarding the structure of a loan, venture capital proposals or family financing arrangements with an eye toward protecting the owner's interests.

Contract Law

Atkinson Law has been helping business owners to grow their businesses for over 10 years. Our lawyers are highly experienced in the drafting and review of contracts of all types, including sales contracts, distribution and licensing agreements, leases and other contracts. We pride ourselves on being able to act quickly to provide you with advice and services when an opportunity arises. Our fees for these services are reasonable, especially when weighed against the potential costs that can arise from a business dispute. Atkinson Law can help you avoid trouble down the road.