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Real property transactions are substantial financial investments for both individuals and businesses alike. Protecting against risk is an important measure of the work done by real estate lawyers on behalf of buyers, sellers, developers and all other parties to ensure that their financial and legal interests are protected. We understand the processes and how to make these types of transactions run smoothly. If a problem does arise, our expertise enables us to quickly find a solution. With legal assistance from Atkinson Law, parties can proceed with confidence in the sale or lease as well as a full understanding of what it means for their family or company.
Atkinson Law is a respected Toronto firm that maintains an extensive real estate and municipal law practice. Our firm’s lawyers are diligent and knowledgeable about the developing Ontario real estate market, relevant municipal matters and their effect on clients. Atkinson Law serves an all-encompassing client base of developers, homeowners, commercial landlords, tenants, builders and other members in the real estate business. Atkinson Law is exceptionally suitable to represent clients in complex and large-scale transactions.

Assisting With Your Home Transaction

Atkinson Law can handle all legal aspects of a residential home transaction. Depending on whether you are the buyer or seller, we can:
Prepare or review the purchase and sale agreement;
Review the mortgage financing documents;
Review the status certificate on a condominium purchase;
Conduct the title search and register the deed; and
Review the closing documents for accuracy and to ensure that all closing costs, accrued property taxes and other costs are properly accounted for

Facilitating Profitable Commercial Real Estate Transactions

At Atkinson Law, we have extensive knowledge in all varieties of commercial property transactions. We facilitate the sale and purchase of property while acting for both landlords and tenants in lease matters while working meticulously to protect our clients' interests. Our expertise enables us to identify potential issues early in the transaction process, and navigate to resolve any problems that arise.
Our firm represents clients in matters involving:
Purchase and sale of commercial property
Drafting and reviewing of commercial Agreement of Purchase and Sale
Review of commercial property financing documents
Drafting and review of commercial leases and related documents
Negotiation and re-negotiation of commercial leases
Other commercial property matters

Real Estate Law You Can Trust

The real estate lawyers at Atkinson Law are fully equipped to assist you with an array of property-related legal concerns. To learn more about our real estate services, call us today.