Richard and Janice Price, Private Lenders and Real Estate Investors

September 28, 2020by ikomolov
September 28, 2020

The team at Atkinson Law have successfully handled our legal matters since 2018, covering a variety of cases, including real estate and fraud. Ryan is quick to understand and assess the merits of an issue, outline potential solutions, and the likelihood of success, before proceeding with the best approach to win your case. He is extremely bright, pays attention to every detail, and anticipates the moves of the other parties well in advance, so he is prepared for any scenario.

As clients, we find it very easy to talk with the lawyers at Atkinson Law – they are empathetic to your situation and translate complex law terms into easy-to-understand language. Atkinson Law is our family’s law firm of choice and we wholeheartedly recommend their legal services to others.